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by ajamess on 26.Aug.10

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Ugh, work has been slamming me for the past couple weeks.  Several 12 hour days later, and I'm not feeling the burn to go home and sit in front of a computer for another 4 hours editing pictures.  This, of course, sucks, because I have some decent ones from my trip to the Northern Cascades last weekend.  But alas, this will be a short post as I have to call in at 7 am tomorrow.

Been loving taking my camera to work the last few days, if only to spend 5 minutes shooting when the golden light hits Microsoft's campus at around 7:30 pm.  Of course, today, when I don't bring the damn thing, there is some of the most astounding cloud breaks I've seen in several months, culminating in me literally dropping my jaw as I was turning on Sahalee Way earlier this evening.  There was so much texture in the clouds that they almost appeared 3D layering against one another, sort of like a compressed mountain range lit by the golden setting sun.  This cloud range was surrounded by black storm clouds that at once enhanced the illusion and added some spectacular contrast to the whole scene.  It was one of those "cloudscapes" that needs no foreground to make it an excellent photo.  I was immediately reminded of some watercolors my friend Ario had done which I've always enjoyed:


I did take one photo today, using my phone, in a parking lot, in an uninspired manner, but it was a photo nonetheless.  It's about 0.1% what I saw 30 minutes later on my drive home, but better than the flat blue sky that has been around for the last week or so.

After work

Typically awesome Seattle skies.

I'm really interested in waking up around 4am this weekend and driving somewhere to go shoot, but I know when that time comes I'll be much more inclined to catch up on sleep than drive an hour or two to watch the sun rise.  Maybe I can compromise and go for a sunset somewhere…

So much to do, so little time.

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