A Snoqualmie Photo Walk

by ajamess on 21.Nov.10

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Just finished editing some shots from my sojourn to the Fall City area yesterday.  I was hoping to catch a bit of sun, but it got pretty socked in as I was driving, and I only got to catch a glimpse of the sunset through the clouds.  I spent about 40 minutes at the top of the falls and got absolutely soaked to the bone.  Not having waterproof gloves on me meant that my hands went numb rather quickly…I'm definitely going to invest in a pair soon.  I was shooting with both cams, complimented by the 70-200 and 24-70, and was happy that they performed admirably despite being as soaked as I was.  Though, I must say that I still get nervous when my cameras get wet, but history has borne out that Canon's weather sealing is no joke.  Once I had exhausted my possibilities on the top of the falls, I started looking for the trail down past the hydroelectric plant that leads to the base of the falls.  I was saddend to find out, after 5 minutes of aimless searching, that there is some serious rennovation going on down there, and as such the trail won't be open until March of 2013.

When I got tired of waiting for light to hit the falls, and finally realized I couldn't get to the base, I ended up going to the edge of the river and seeing what I could make of the surroundings a half a mile down river of the falls.  I had seen some guys fishing there when I drove by earlier, and hoped that I could catch some shots before they packed it up for the night.  Lucky for me, the two I had spotted an hour ago were still there, standing knee-deep in freezing water.  I snapped a few dozen shots with the 7D + 70-200 and was about to head to the water's edge when I noticed someone walking up the road.  Once he got closer, I realized that it was another fisherman who had been fishing a few hundred yards down river.  As he walked by, I asked him if he had caught anything, and subsequently ended up talking for 5 minutes.  His name was Seth, and he told me that he had been out since 11, and that the guys I was photographing were his buddies.  He hadn't caught any keepers – "only a couple 8 inch steelhead" – but that didn't seem to bother him.  I think my favorite thing about this encounter was what he said as he was walking away.  As we said goodbye and he was walking away, he asked me if I was a professional photographer.  "Just a hobby, like you and fishing," I said.  He yelled back: "No way!  I'm going pro!"  Awesome.  Makes me wonder when I will be able to say that with such confidence :).

Here are some shots.  I hope you enjoy them!


Over the Edge


Snoqualmie Falls Panorama


Snoqualmie Falls and Shrub


Shrub (Detail)


Fishermen on the Snoqualmie River (1 of 2)


Man on River


A Dry Spot


Fishermen on the Snoqualmie River (2 of 2)


Night by the River






Seth on the Snoqualmie


Waiting for a Bite


On the River


Snoqualmie River (Wide)

Have a good day, and stay warm!

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Haley June 11, 2011 at 11:09

I don’t know if I’ve read this post before but I just found it and I really like the picture titled “Shoreline”. I like how stark and bare the trees look compared to all the colors in the groundcover and bushes!


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